Natural Herbal Capsules

10 Sep

Many people would like to take herbs for anything ranging from stress and pain, to better digestion. Natural Herbal Capsules include all the same health benefits of the herb but in an easy to take capsule. All the herbs we carry are available in this form.

Echinacea Angustifolia Root Capsules are great to help calm hormonal changes. It increases the bodies defenses against many types of ailments. The pure potency from the proper processing techniques is the fastest way to get results. The plants are carefully nurtured until the right moment and then they are cut and shipped.

Eyebright Herb Capsules help the body to remove cell damaging toxins and does amazing things for the eye. Many pink-eye treatment plans include the use of this herb and it strengthens the cornea as well.

Gingko Leaf Capsules have countless benefits including many for anti-aging, circulation, brain function and more. This herb is great for strengthening blood vessel walls as well as cellular repair from its anti-oxidant characteristics.

These are just a few of the natural herbal solutions. Be sure to check out all of our products.


Black Cohosh Root

27 Jun

Of the many herbs available for hormonal imbalances, Black Cohosh Root is especially important. Black Cohosh Root Capsules aid in getting the vital nutrients into the blood stream with out the need for liquid. The smooth gelatin capsule is easily swallowed and is 100% organic herbal goodness.

Other uses for Black Cohosh Root include hot flash balancing. As hormones get off balance, Black Cohosh Root acts like estrogen in its natural state called phytoestrogen. The body is amazing and actually uses these phytoestrogens to keep things in line.

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Culinary Spices and Seasonings

17 Jul

Cilantro leaf has been an up and coming flavor which is now seen everywhere. Is commonly used in many cooking practices and garnishes. The herb, cilantro, is found along the borders of Turkey as its native to the land. They require fertile soil which needs to be well drained.   The plant grows to about 15 inches and is grown annually. Its leaves and stem have a distinct citrus flavor which is mild. Our cilantro is processed using the finest techniques and is used by many professional kitchens around the world.

The herb also has many other properties including antiseptic and carminative characteristics. Other properties include analgesic, aphrodisiac, digestive, and stomachic.

When used with popular dishes, it is an enhancement of flavor. Combine with vegetables, chicken, fish, and meats or use to make your own cilantro pesto.

Cilantro Pesto can be made from the following:

  • Fresh cilantro
  • Red pepper
  • Garlic cloves
  • Olive oil
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • A few drops of lemon juice

cilantro leaf
At, we also carry many dry meat rubs which will compliment your party dish.


Herbal health supplements

15 May

As we age our bodies take on more stress. There are ways to mitigate this stress as it relates to specific ailments. For anti-inflammatory issues, turmeric has been shown to have potent effects and is the reason why its commonly used to relieve pain for bunions. Additionally, another herb called calendula flowers are often used for bruises, cuts and inflammation. To harness the healing properties of these herbal health supplements, one simply has to see if they want to swallow, or mix the herbal powder into a smoothie or juice.

Another amazing herbal solution is St. Johns Wort. This herb got its name because of the plant flowers on St Johns day, June 24. Its star shaped yellow flowers, which turn red when bruised, are beautiful enough to make anyone with the blues feel happy. But this herb has a long history of folk use for treating anxiety and depression. Clinical studies have recently shown the folk herbalists were right. The active compounds include hypercin which treats and improves anxiety and feelings of worthlessness. Some studies have also shown that St John’s Wort herb is actually more powerful than pharmaceutical drugs with fewer side effects.

Herbal Remedies

18 Apr

One of the best ways of experiencing the power of herbal healing remedies is simply use them for a while. Discover the best herbal products for your own use or use them for great gift ideas. Whether you don’t know a rose from rosemary, understanding the use of herbal solutions is easy. After you explored every last option your doctor has attempted, relief can finally come the use of herbal remedies. From homeopathy to aromatherapy, there are many flavors to choose. A plant genus includes groups of closely-related species that share characteristics in common. You will see that botanists and plant breeding people will use names like variety and sub-species but herbalists don’t pay much attention to these small differences. For example, the genus Mentha, also known as the mints, help clear ever and ease the stomach aiding in digestion.

Though all of the mints aid the same symptoms, they smell and taste quite different. So whether your wanting to make delicious meals from herbs and spices, or simply are jut looking to relax, your herbal adventure is worth looking into! You can do this research on our website which is a wonderful source for the traditions of applying herbs and oils. We have a special search option which will locate products based on ailments or names.

Carrier Oils

4 Apr

Treating medical conditions with the aromatic essential oils of fragrant herbs can be accomplished by using carrier oils. The carrier oils come in little vials and ae an aid to the concentrated essential oils. First dilute the selected essential oil by adding a few drops to. This helps to spread out the solution. Since many of the fragrant compounds are readily absorbed by the skin, the solution can be applied directly by rubbing it in.

At Earthshore Herbal Remedies, we have a abundance of carrier oils and essential oils or antiaging and many different lifestyles. This is good advice for men and women who want to hold back the clock.

Homeopathic Products

28 Mar

There are an abundance of all natural herbal remedies for your health. There are rejuvenation remedies to help you unwind after a long day. Our homeopathic products are time tested and are some of the finest.

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Aromatherapy Scents for Meditation

29 Dec

Relaxing with meditation techniques which are beneficial may include the use of aromatherapy scents. The part of the brain which processes the memory can be directly stimulated by pleasant aromas. Aromatherapy oil like Sandalwood are amazing for calming the spirit.

Liquid Herbal Extracts

2 Dec

An amazing thing about natural plants and flowers is that they can be prepared in liquid form. This is quite possibly the best method if you want to take herbs. They can be mixed with your favorite drink for all natural herbal remedies. Liquid Herbal Extracts are also better absorbed than traditional powders but as effective in many cases. They are processed the same way with further to extract the juice of the plant to make a concentrated and potent tool for health.


Mood swings remedy

5 May

The mood swings are an excitemant or anxiety that can be remedied with an inexpensive product we carry called body calm touch-on oil. It helps to relax emotional upsets and mood swings. It is one of many of aromatherapy solutions from